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Nile Crocodile Facts (Crocodylus niloticus)

Nile Crocodile Facts (Crocodylus niloticus) The Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is an enormous freshwater African reptile. It is liable for the most passings from any creature as a predator going after people, yet crocodiles serve a significant environmental capacity. The Nile crocodile eats cadavers that contaminate water and controls ruthless fish that could indulge littler fish utilized as food by numerous different species. Quick Facts: Nile Crocodile Logical Name: Crocodylus niloticusCommon Names: Nile crocodile, African crocodile, regular crocodile, dark crocodileBasic Animal Group: ReptileSize: 10-20 feetWeight: 300-1650 poundsLifespan: 50-60 yearsDiet: CarnivoreHabitat: Freshwater wetlands of sub-Saharan AfricaPopulation: 250,000Conservation Status: Least Concern Depiction The Nile crocodile is the second-biggest reptile on the planet after the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). Nile crocodiles have thick, defensively covered skin that is dim bronze with dark stripes and spots on the back, greenish-yellow side stripes, and yellow scales on the gut. Crocodiles have four short legs, long tails, and prolonged jaws with cone shaped teeth. Their eyes, ears, and nostrils are on the head. Guys are about 30% bigger than females. Normal size extents somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 feet long and somewhere in the range of 300 to 1,650 pounds in weight. <img information srcset= 300w, 754w, 1208w, 2116w information src= src=//:0 alt=Crocodile conveying youthful in her mouth class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-6 information following container=true /> A Nile crocodile may convey her young in her mouth or on her back. Gallo Images-Roger De La Harpe/Getty Images Natural surroundings and Distribution The Nile crocodile is local to Africa. It lives in freshwater bogs, swamps, lakes, streams, and waterways of sub-Saharan Africa, the Nile bowl, and Madagascar. It is an intrusive species in Florida, however it is obscure whether the populace is imitating. In spite of the fact that it is a freshwater animal types, the Nile crocodile has salt organs and in some cases enters bitter and marine waters. Diet and Behavior Crocodiles are zenith predators that chase creatures up to twice their size. Youthful crocodiles eat spineless creatures and fish, while bigger ones may take any creature. They likewise feed on cadavers, different crocodiles (counting individuals from their own species), and in some cases organic product. Like different crocodilians, they ingest stones as gastroliths, which may help digest food or go about as counterweight. Crocodiles are trap predators that trust that prey will go in close vicinity to run, lurch at the objective, and dive into it to drag it into water to suffocate, pass on from abrupt whipping developments, or be destroyed with assistance from different crocodiles. Around evening time, crocodiles may leave the water and trap go after land. The Nile crocodile goes through the vast majority of the day incompletely uncovered in shallow water or lolling ashore. Crocodiles may relax with open mouths to forestall overheating or as a danger show for different crocodiles. Propagation and Offspring Nile crocodiles arrive at sexual development somewhere in the range of 12 and 16 years old, when guys are around 10 feet 10 inches in length and females are somewhere in the range of 7 and 10 feet in length. Develop guys breed each year, while females just variety once every a few years. Guys pull in females by making commotions, slapping their noses in water, and cleaning out water out through their noses. Guys may fight different guys for reproducing rights. Females lay eggs a month or two in the wake of reproducing. Settling can happen whenever of year, yet will in general correspond with the dry season. The female dives a home in the sand or soil a few feet from the water and stores somewhere in the range of 25 and 80 eggs. The warmth of the dirt broods the eggs and decides the sex of the posterity, with guys just coming about because of temperatures between 89  °F and 94  °F. The female watches the home until the eggs bring forth, which takes around 90 days. Close to the furthest limit of the brooding time frame, the youthful make shrill twitters to make the female aware of uncover the eggs. She may utilize her mouth to enable her posterity to bring forth. After they have brought forth, she may convey them in her mouth to water. While she watches her posterity for as long as two years, they chase their own food following incubating. In spite of her consideration, just about 10% of the eggs get by to incubating and 1% of hatchlings arrive at development. Mortality is high on the grounds that the eggs and youthful are nourishment for some different species. In imprisonment, Nile crocodiles live 50 to 60 years. They may have a possible life expectancy of 70 to 100 years in nature. <img information srcset= 300w, 773w, 1246w, 2194w information src= src=//:0 alt=Baby Nile crocodiles incubating from eggs class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-24 information following container=true /> A Nile crocodile has an egg tooth that it uses to help incubate from an egg. hphimagelibrary/Getty Images Preservation Status The Nile crocodile confronted elimination during the 1960s. Today, the IUCN arranges the species preservation status as least concern. Notwithstanding, Nile crocodile numbers are diminishing. Refers to records the Nile crocodile under Appendix I (undermined with elimination) all through the majority of its range. Scientists gauge 250,000 to 500,000 people live in nature. Crocodiles are secured in part of their range and are brought up in imprisonment. Dangers The species faces different dangers to its endurance, including living space misfortune and discontinuity, chasing for meat and cowhide, poaching, contamination, ensnarement in angling nets, and abuse. Intrusive plant species likewise represent a danger, as they change the temperature of crocodile settles and keep eggs from bring forth. Nile Crocodiles and Humans Crocodiles are cultivated for their cowhide. In the wild, they have a notoriety for being man-eaters. The Nile crocodile along with the saltwater crocodile kills hundreds or now and then a large number of individuals every year. Females with homes are forceful, in addition to huge grown-ups chase people. Field scientists trait the high number of assaults to a general absence of alert around crocodile-involved regions. Studies demonstrate arranged land the board and government funded instruction could decrease human-crocodile struggle. Sources Crocodile Specialist Group 1996. Crocodylus niloticus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1996: e.T46590A11064465. doi:10.2305/IUCN.UK.1996.RLTS.T46590A11064465.enDunham, K. M.; Ghiurghi, A.; Cumbi, R. Urbano, F. Humanâ€wildlife struggle in Mozambique: a national viewpoint, with accentuation on natural life assaults on people. Oryx. 44 (2): 185, 2010. doi:10.1017/S003060530999086XThorbjarnarson, J. Fake tears and skins: universal exchange, monetary requirements, and cutoff points to the economical utilization of crocodilians. Preservation Biology. 13 (3): 465â€470, 1999. doi:10.1046/j.1523-1739.1999.00011.xWallace, K. M. A. J. Leslie. Diet of the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Diary of Herpetology. 42 (2): 361, 2008. doi:10.1670/07-1071.1Wood, Gerald. The Guinness Book of Animal Facts and Feats. Real Publishing Co Inc., 1983. ISBN 978-0-85112-235-9.

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“A Martian Sends A Postcard Home” by Craig Raine Essay

In â€Å"A Martian Sends a Postcard Home,† Craig Raine utilizes numerous analogies to depict what a Martian would check whether he came to earth. In the primary refrain Raine utilizes similitudes to depict what a Martian may think a book resembles. Raine makes reference to William Caxton, who was the first to print books in England, in the main verse; â€Å"Caxtons are mechanical flying creatures with numerous wings/and some are loved for their markings. A book would look like a feathered creature when opened, the wings being the numerous pages, and numerous books have denoted a spot in history or is treasured by the individual understanding it. In the following four lines the Martian watches the various feelings one may have while perusing a â€Å"mechanical bird,† and despite the fact that he’s never saw one really flying, which is unimaginable, he sees that they are some of the time in someone’s hand. In verses five and six the Martian is attempting to clarify haze. â€Å"Rain is the point at which the earth is TV/It has the property of making hues darker,† meaning when the hues are changed on a TV the image would look hazy, and shady even. Raine essentially depicts a vehicle as a â€Å"Model T,† in the following two verses. Disclosing a vehicle to be â€Å"a live with the lock inside,† is an extremely inventive allegory. By composing â€Å"But time is attached to the wrist/or kept in a container, ticking with impatience,† Raine is communicating that the Martian is experiencing a watch or a clock. In verses ten through twelve the Martian has happened upon a phone, which he depicts as a â€Å"haunted apparatus,† which normally â€Å"sleeps,† and cries, or rings until it is gotten. Raine additionally adds the component of cleverness to the sonnet, a model is in the twelfth refrain when he composes, â€Å"And yet they wake it up/purposely, by tickling with a finger.† The Martian accepts that people â€Å"tickle† the keypad with their fingers, when they’re making a call. â€Å"A discipline room/with water however nothing to eat,† is a restroom. The Martian sees that â€Å"Only the youthful are permitted to endure openly,† which is truly when I kid would get their diaper changed, and grown-ups must be distant from everyone else when they go to the â€Å"punishment room.† Finally, in the last two refrains the Martian is portraying the evening time routine of people, â€Å"At night when all the hues pass on/they cover up two by two/and read about themselves/in shading, with their eyes shut,† at the end of the day by the day's end people shut their eyes to nod off and dream. This sonnet utilizes a numerous illustrations to portray what a Martian wouldâ encounter on the off chance that he visited Earth. The sonnet is fascinating to peruse in light of the fact that it requires the peruser to utilize their creative mind, the peruser must think so as to make sense of these regular things the Martian is seeing just because, it’s to some degree a brainteaser. It’s evident that the Martian is seeing these things just because, it makes the peruser wonder why a straightforward thing, for example, a watch or a clock isn't found on his planet, is time immaterial were he’s from?

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Innovation and Business Development of Vodafone-Free-Samples

Questions: 1.Explain the various attributes that make Vodafone a fruitful and inventive organization. 2.Evaluate the methodology embraced by the organization for the usage of this new innovation and the progress that occurred and examine its prosperity factors. 3.Choose one of the organizations situated in your nation of habitation (or some other organization) known for its creative methodologies, and expand on the principle factors that energize advancement in this organization. Answers: Vodafone immediately picked up notoriety in the Egyptian market inferable from the purchaser driven methodology of the business. The organization is currently the main association in the market. The plan of action of Vodafone depends on the offer and this empowers the organization to accept development as a significant part of development and extension. The organization works in the media transmission industry and with the progression of innovation the organization has soaked up to the progressions and the patterns in the business. With the assistance of market investigation, the organization finishes up the adjustments in the business and starts the adjustment all the while. So as to achieve the adjustments in the market the organization consolidates the methodology of development. Advancement is the improvement in a thought and any association that depends on innovation needs to advance so as to meet the necessities of the client. The purchaser centered quality of the vital administration helps the organization gadgets approaches and plans such that will consent to the necessities and prerequisites (Souto, 2015). The organization has development approach in the item and administrations as well as during the time spent the business. Along these lines, the organization additionally empowers a development driven work culture in the association which helps the representatives and the administration to think in an inventive manner. Throughout the years the organization has utilized a few arrangements and activities to urge the representatives and to put resources into the procedure of innovative work (can et al., 2014). The organization utilizes the of ITIL philosophy (The Information Technology Infrastructure Library) so as to give the clients proficient and immaculate administrations. This innovation encourages the organization to improve profitability and offer better types of assistance to the clients. The organization centers around improving the span of network and offering better types of assistance to the clients so as to do so the organization puts resources into innovative work divisions. The administration of the organization is additionally founded on transformational initiative style, which rouses and supports changes among the workers and moves the representatives to adjusting the enthusiasm to the destinations of the association (Roco Bainbridge, 2013). ERP or venture Resource Planning is one of the key parts required by an organization to keep every one of its information at a typical spot and access them when it is essential. The Enterprise Resource Planning programming or SAP ERP that was created by Vodafone is known as EVO, which is a short type of development. Many key business segments were related inside the product framework with the goal that the progression of framework turns out to be simple. SalesDistribution, Financial management,human capital administration andcorporate Services were totally coordinated inside the framework with the goal that they can be gotten to by the individual who requires the data at any pointy of time at wherever on the planet. Anyway there was get to gave to every one of the individual as far as power and just the approved individual could get to. The change was viewed as the companys biggest ever business change. After the reconciliation of the product in the arrangement of Vodafone preparing was given to the workers for 3 weeks by the specialists who built up the product framework (Amin et al., 2016). The workers required around 3 months for completely settling with the procedure anyway the settlement was smooth and after it was finished the business procedure got minimized, security expanded and the global branches were conveying much easily with one another. To assess the entire procedure of the reconciliation of the new programming framework into the business procedure of Vodafone it must be said that the all out arranging of acquainting the product with the consummation of the preparation was all around arranged and the product was fruitful in accomplishing its ideal outcomes particle mix of the business. 3.One of the most advancements driven organization in the worldwide market is Amazon Inc. There are a portion of the fundamental likenesses if Vodafone and Amazon: right off the bat the organizations are innovation based however they work in discrete enterprises, alongside these both the companys business approach is purchaser driven. The administration of these association centers around the necessities and prerequisites of the buyers to build up their items and benefits and join advancement during the time spent turn of events. The primary factors that empower development in Amazon are: Administration: the initiative style that is seen in the association is a blend of transformational and visionary style. The CEO of the organization is Jeff Bezos and the methodologies that are taken by the organization depend on the farsightedness of his conduct and the necessities and prerequisites of the shopper (can et al., 2014). The business where the organization works prompts the administration to have an imaginative methodology in the advancement of the items and administrations, innovation driven association have the extent of progress with development as innovation is dynamic in the business condition is continually advancing. Another factor that supports advancement in the association is the speculation of the organization on innovative work (Roco Bainbridge, 2013). The organization is buyer driven and this has been built up by the CEO a few times in different meetings. In this way the organization centers around the developing purchaser drifts in the business and attempts to enhance both in the item just as in process. The kind of advancement that is followed in the organization is troublesome in nature, for instance: Disruptive development is the possibility of development which has the capability of supplanting existing thoughts in the market. As per Christensen et al. (2015), the association that can make troublesome development thought can utilize the procedure to guarantee upper hand in the business (Souto, 2015). The organization has recently propelled the idea of Amazon Go, which is a venture that the organization has made in another market (physical retail industry). The advancement in the process is the innovation that has been utilized to develop the store. The thought is making shopping for food bother free. The organization has introduced innovation that will permit the client to stroll in and leave the store without paying physical cash or holding up in the line. This is troublesome in nature as there are various rivalries in the physical retail showcase however there is not at all lik e the store position and the innovation of Amazon Go (, 2018) Reference list: (2018). Amazon Go. [online] Accessible at: [Accessed 26 April. 2018]. (2018). Our Innovations. [online] Accessible at: [Accessed 26 April. 2018]. Amin Azab, N., El Sheik, Y., Moharram, An., Ibrahim, B., Yehia, N. (2016). A vital utilization of innovation: instance of Vodafone Egypt.Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies,6(3), 1-16. Christensen, C. M., Raynor, M. E., McDonald, R. (2015). What is problematic advancement. Harvard Business Review, 93(12), 44-53. can, . F., Ersar?, G., Naktiyok, A. (2014). Impact of administration style on apparent authoritative execution and advancement: the job of transformational initiative past the effect of value-based leadershipan application among Turkish SME's. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 150, 881-889. Roco, M. C., Bainbridge, W. S. (2013). The new universe of disclosure, creation, and advancement: assembly of information, innovation, and society. Diary of nanoparticle inquire about, 15(9), 1946. Souto, J. E. (2015). Plan of action development and business idea advancement as the setting of steady development and radical advancement. The travel industry Management, 51, 142-155.

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Essay Scholarships Samples Free Reviews & Tips

Essay Scholarships Samples Free Reviews & Tips MOTIVATION LETTER Write about your plans after you finish your study related to the house country. Applying for college takes lots of work. Writing your company plan. You will have to pay to make an application for school, yes. Find as many scholarship programs as possible to apply to. Now you know about scholarships for moms, have an opportunity to learn about other scholarships and the way to submit an application for college. In reality, there are lots of scholarships out there which are aimed specifically at students in the last years of their education. When writing an essay, you want to show that you're worthy of the scholarship. At our essay assistance, essays are always delivered in a brief moment. Scholarship essay prompts are extremely tricky, so you need to read and re-read it multiple times to recognize key themes. Scholarship essays are a severe matter. Remember that the individual reading your essay wishes to give out money. You don't need to be in a position to write like Jane Austen or Earnest Hemingway to find a scholarship. With their aid, you can properly lean when to empathize your abilities and talents on the essay together with your achievements. If you devote the time and adhere to the hints below, you can boost your scholarship essays and get more awards. Things You Should Know About Essay Scholarships Samples Free Bottom Line Walmart isn't unique when it has to do with giving away freebies and samples. For free samples from the authentic shop, you first should learn if your regional Walmart is conducting a completely free sample event, and when. If you're searching for the very best free samples, coupons, and unbeatable bargains the net offers, you've come to the proper spot. Tell about international networking that is important in today's world. You don't have to be worried about your personal details that co uld be viewed, as we handle the matter on a safe network. There are different scholarships geared toward the future designers and style marketers of earth. The True Meaning of Essay Scholarships Samples Free What you will need is something which can help you receive in. The majority of the proceeds go straight to the artists working hard creating the sounds, which then allows them to make more quality sounds for you! For this, the most crucial is to acquire decent sleep at night. There's a good deal of assistance out there for mothers and single mothers who are prepared to put in some challenging work. Once you have located a school which you really appear to favor, you ought to make a great impression on them. You will write what you think and exactly what you believe, for the large part. It is essential to avoid the kids from the dust in the home. The problem that you may face in the educational side of fashion is being in a position to pay for the extra expense of get ting a college degree. You may also order custom made graphics from them so you are going to have an original appearance. Graphic Springs also permits you to use the logo maker free of charge. If you would like a website that makes it possible to create a logo by walking you through simple design steps, Design Mantic is simple enough for just about every person to use. Logo Type Maker has a logo generator which can be used to make a logo that you are able to download at no cost. All the design related functions are offered free of charge through Free Logo Services, so you merely have to pay if you produce a logo you adore. It's possible to create a logo at no cost and then create a purchase when the design is to your liking. The samples on this list gives you a very clear image of what you need to be making. The only data you're expected to give to receive your totally free sample is your name, address and birthday. This list will be updated periodically and thus do not neglect to come back to find out that which we've added new. Keep searching until you produce a very long list of scholarships you can apply to. You may also find more details about the company on our About Us page. Another download on precisely the same page is an Excel file to assist to your financial projections. You're able to locate these on the internet and in books. Go here for our FB page. Without knowing good essay making, your probability of going into a superior college are slim. When you add your private stamp' to it through imputing your specific abilities, professional experiences, and wording, it is going to stand from the crowd for all of the perfect factors. All you need to do is point and click. You waive any right you might have to get specific notice of such alterations or modifications.

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James Baldwin Essay - 1485 Words

For The World to See James Baldwin was a man who wrote an exceptional amount of essays. He enticed audiences differing in race, sexuality, ethnic background, government preference and so much more. Each piece is a circulation of emotions and a teeter-totter on where he balances personal experiences and worldly events to the way you feel. Not only did he have the ability to catch readers’ attention through writing, but he also appeared on television a few times. Boston’s local public television station WGBH, under the leadership of Hartford Gunn, presented an array of educational and cultural programming. Similar to an earlier interview, in a 1963 taping of â€Å"The Negro and the American Promise,† Baldwin is†¦show more content†¦An incident such as this shows that even though Baldwin was not apart of that group, whites assumed that African Americans of any age were all the same. Baldwin reminisces of his childhood as describing activities frequently pursued as a young boy. They used to play on the roof, and some kind of garbage dump near the river. In the interview Baldwin tells us that he had been morally raised by his father, whose relation to the church was very direct, and admits that the solitary place to express pain was in the church. But now, and in the mid-twentieth century, the living conditions and attitudes of whites towards blacks has significantly worsened. It is evident as Baldwin proclaims, â€Å"the moral authority which was present in the Negro Northern community when I was growing up has vanished, and people talk about progress, and I look at Harlem†¦and it is much worse there today than it was when I was growing up† that indeed the well-being and living situations had decreased (â€Å"The Negro† 1). Living conditions was only the half of it; Baldwin proves that education had worsened as well when he projects that â€Å"[i]t is much worse in theShow MoreRelatedSonny s Blues By James Baldwin827 Words   |  4 PagesSonny’s Blues In James Baldwin’s â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† it is only when a brother loses his child that he realizes how easy it can be to lose his brother. The narrator’s little brother, Sonny, was left in his charge when their parents passed away. He neglects Sonny and leaves him to work through hard decisions on his own which leads to Sonny being picked up by the police for using and selling drugs. When the narrator’s daughter, Grace, passes he sees how suffering can affect people and reaches outRead MoreGiovanni s Room By James Baldwin1723 Words   |  7 PagesThe two novels Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin published in 1956 and Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith published in 1956 share the interest of both the main characters having trouble publicizing their sexual orientation due to the way society would view them. There location of living have a big impact on their actions of expressing their sexuality towards other people or themselves. During the 1950’s, homosexual activity was prohibited. People who were found having an affair with the same sexRead MoreEssay on Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin1316 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Sonny’s Blues† revolves around the narrator as he learns who his drug-hooked, piano-playing baby brother, Sonny, really is. The author, James Baldwin, paints views on racism, misery and art and suffering in this story. His written canvas portrays a dark and continual scene pertaining to each topic. As the story unfolds, similarities in each generation can be observed. The two African American brothers share a life similar to that of their father and his brother. The father’s brother had a thirstRead MoreExpectations in Sonnys Blues, by James Baldwin Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pagesa grim existence beneath the dispassionate stare of narrow-minded bigots. Soon, the Civil Rights Movement would gain momentum and drastically alter such social exclusion, but James Baldwin writes his story â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† before this transformation has occurred. In the style of other Post-Modernist writers of his day, Baldwin invents two brothers, Sonny and the narrator, who seem to have given up on finding meaning in their lives: escape, not purpose, is the solution for suffering. Although marginalizedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Story Sonny s Blues By James Baldwin1481 Words   |  6 PagesIn reading the story Sonny s Blues by James Baldwin, we learn of two brothers and their lives growing up in Harlem. The narrator, who is the older brother in the story, narrates the trials and tribulations he and his younger brother (Sonny) had to endure growing up in such a harsh environment in Harlem (due to the drugs, violence, and Black s being looked down upon in general in the mid-1950s). We start in the future (present), with the narrator having a somewhat successful future being a teacherRead MoreJames Baldwin s Influence On Society And Relationships With Other People1249 Words   |  5 PagesJames Arthur Baldwin was a prominent author in the 1900s. He did not let his homosexuality or skin color put him down or get in the way of being himself. Baldwin wrote essays, novels, plays, and poetry inspired from his environment and relationships with other people. Although he was poor, it did not stop James Baldwin from becoming a successful author that wrote about his experiences of being homosexual and African American in a troubled society. In Baldwin’s early life, he had to work hard andRead MoreLight and Dark in the Book Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin Essay788 Words   |  4 PagesIn James Baldwin’s short story, â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† there is a constant contrast between light and dark. Baldwin uses this theme to highlight the struggles that the Narrator and his younger brother, Sonny, both face. Light represents all of the positive aspects of life. Meanwhile, the darkness represents the constant struggle that threatens the characters in the story. Light and dark has a presence in both characters. The narrator lives his life in the â€Å"light†. He is a teacher, middleclass man, a manRead MoreJames Baldwin738 Words   |  3 PagesQuestions on A Talk to Teachers by James Baldwin 1. In the opening paragraph, Baldwin establishes his ethos by connecting himself to his audience as a fellow citizen and fellow American, someone who loves his country and wants it to be whole and healthy. Though he identifies the chief fear of his audience as the fear of Communist, he proposes that the ore fearful aspect of American society of the early 1960s is the â€Å"bad faith and cruelty† of generations. Baldwin builds credibility with his audienceRead MoreSonny s Blues By James Baldwin2300 Words   |  10 PagesIn the short story â€Å"Sonny’s Blues†, by James Baldwin there is the notion or a reoccurring theme of a conflict between light and dark between the characters. The notion is carried throughout the story of two brothers finding their own lights and trying to work towards a greater life. In the late 50’s, after the Harlem Renaissance, adolescents are faced with drug sales everywhere and crime sprees around every corner, this is one examp le of the darkness in the story. Kids began to form bad habits thatRead MoreEssay on James Baldwin1907 Words   |  8 PagesJennifer Oast MWF 2:00-2:50 February 10, 2012 James A. Baldwin James A. Baldwin, a homosexual African-American novelist, was once quoted saying that the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. What it means is that society’s chief concern should be a person who has absolutely nothing to lose by always sticking to their beliefs, yet everything to gain. James Baldwin embodies that quote to the absolute fullest. Not only did he push the boundaries

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Essay about A Fat Tax Economic Costs of Obesity are High

Todays world is full of modern conveniences. Communication is at the touch of a button, you can drive right to the window and get handed a greasy, hot meal, and even walking has become bothersome. Trying to find that spot closest to the door is worth driving around the lot five times. Kids play more in virtual reality than outdoors, and parents who are strapped for time settle on quick, processed meals for dinner. Unfortunately, weve created an environment fit for the lazy. Instead of having to preform physical activities to function throughout the day, we must find time for physical activity, which might not be realistic for everyone. The fast food industry and quick processed dinners feed the consumer with no time for exercise, and the†¦show more content†¦For example, a person could weigh 200 lbs at 5 feet and their BMI would be 39.1, while obesity is a BMI of 30 and above. But what if that person were a short body builder? BMI doesnt take into account the weight of musc le or bone density. Body shape is also of some importance; if someone has 50 extra pounds in their thighs they are at less risk for heart disease than someone with 50 extra pounds in their waist. Visceral fat, or fat located directly around the organs, is linked to many risk factors including insulin resistance. 26 million people in America have diabetes, and 90% - 95% of those are type two. According to the American Diabetes Association, 85.2% of people with type two diabetes are overweight. Economic costs of obesity are increasing and will continue to do so if nothing is done. Healthy Communities for A Healthy Future state that the estimated annual health care costs related to obesity are 190 billion dollars. This is 21% of total health care costs. This includes direct costs, such as preventive and treatment services, while indirect costs include income lost to days debilitated or future income lost to death. On an individual level, an obese person will cost 42% more in health car e than a person of healthy weight. A tax directly related to products known to cause obesity would offset the cost of health care, and hopefully result in less obesity in the Nation. Deciding which foods would be taxed is a difficult process.Show MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Obesity Among The United Kingdom Government1209 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Obesity has become an extremely concerning problem seriously needing to be addressed by the United Kingdom government. Some argue that a tax increase on unhealthy food should be implemented by the government in order to increase health levels across the UK, particularly those of children- for whom the current nationwide obesity problem is the most worrying. However, it is not certain whether implementing this tax will be economically viable. By evaluating the repercussions of introducingRead MoreFat Tax on Fast Food in Australia Essay642 Words   |  3 Pagesto the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australia has the fifth-highest obesity rates of any country anywhere in the world, at a very high figure of 24.6 percent. This means that almost one in every four citizens is clinically overweight. A high fat tax on fast food and unhealthy drinks may help slow the world’s rising rates of obesity, as a recent study published in the British Medical Journal suggests. The $2.50 price hike on cigarette tax in 2013 is expected to haveRead MoreThe Effects Of Obesity On American Adults And Children1213 Words   |  5 PagesThe Effects of Obesity Obesity is on the rise in American adults and children. Over 78.6 million Americans are considered obese (CDC, 2014). Health experts believe the obesity crisis has become an epidemic that needs to be controlled. Today many efforts are being made by Federal and state governments and some major companies to combat obesity in adults and children. For example, some major companies are rewarding employees with cash incentives for exercising regularly and maintaining a healthyRead MoreSample Essay1475 Words   |  6 Pagesinclining rates of obesity in countries like France, South Korea, USA, England, Greece and Italy, a decision to produce low-calorie versions of their chocolate bars could be a healthier alternative to the country. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to Kraft Foods while producing these. Advantages : a) They attract a new and major segment of the market which is more health conscious. This new segment of the market includes people who are on the path to obesity yet desire to consumeRead MoreThe Implementation Of A Fat Tax1158 Words   |  5 Pages The implementation of a â€Å"Fat Tax† is a topic that has been considered before in the UK. This is an additional tax on junk food, seeking to reduce the consumption of products containing high levels of fats, sugars and cholesterol. One of the primary considerations for such a tax is the scale of the obesity problem in the UK. Today’s obesity level in the UK is three times the 1980s level, currently 24.9% and is the highest in Europe ( 2015). The extent of the UK confectionery market size, whichRead MoreObesity : The Consumption Of Unhealthy And Overly Processed Foods1645 Words   |  7 PagesWithin the past 50 years, obesity rates have reached an epidemic level with the United States of America having one of the highest obesity rates in the world. America has become the poster child for obesity worldwide and that has become its most noticeable feature. Several presidents have tried implementing multiple short term solutions in recent years, but none have show n overall effectiveness in reducing the main cause of obesity: the over consumption of unhealthy and overly processed foods. TheRead MoreShould The Government Add Extra Tax On Junk Foods? Essay1315 Words   |  6 PagesShould the Government Add Extra Tax on Junk Foods? The rate of junk and fatty food consumption has grown in the United States compared to the past few decades. Lifestyle reports indicate that one of the primary issues that were altered is the type of diet that people consume. Currently, it seems like many people eat junk foods almost daily. Junk food refers to any diet that has insufficient nutritional value and unhealthy ingredients. The U.S. government should add extra taxes to junk foods to promoteRead MoreEssay on Globesity: Health Crisis/Epidemic930 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to a U.S. Prevalence of Adult Overweight and Obesity study conducted by NHANES from 2009-2010, 68.8% of our population is either obese or overweight. This new health crisis/epidemic has been slowly sneaking up on America in the last decade negatively influencing our society and changing our way of life. It’s hard not to walk down the street and ignore the shining golden arches the gleaming signs of various fast food restaurants and then the wa lk of shame home when you realize your pantsRead MoreObesity And Its Effects On Society1303 Words   |  6 PagesObesity and its Effects on Society ‘America is fat’, this statement repeated by numerous people in and out of healthcare profession and if someone don’t believe this statement, maybe the following statistic will change our mind. According to (CDC) Center for Diseases Control and prevention, obesity rate grew 65% between 1990 and 2002(Su). Still not convince? When most Americans read that statistics they have single question is ‘Why?’ How is the rate of obesity growing so fast? Is this the way weRead MoreENG4U IP EO1142 Words   |  5 Pagesgovernment should impose a high tax on junk food and soft drink. Firstly, junk food and soft drinks are harmful to the human body. Additionally, there will be negative consequences if a high percentage of people are obese in the country with an increased burden on the government due to more and more people get illnesses from purchasing this unhealthy food. Lastly, to promote the healthy living standards for citizens, the government can use the reven ue generated through these high taxes on harmful food

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Occupational Health And Safety Law Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Occupational Health And Safety Law. Answer: Issue 1 The issue which has to be addressed in this case is to identify to identify the legal position of Vinod that he is an employee or an independent contractor. If he is an employee what are the compensations which he is entitled to. Rules In order to determine the compensation to be paid to a person it has to be analyzed that he works in the capacity of an employee or an independent contractor. The relationship between an employee and an independent contractor is determined through the use of legislations as well as commonlaw tests provided through various tests. The major legislation dealing with the relationship between employee and employer in Australia is the Fair Work Act 2009. The Independent Contractors Act 2006 and the Fair Work Act 2009 set out the entitlements and the rights of contractors and employees in Australia. There are various factors on which the differences between an contractor and employee is based on. A single factor cannot determine whether a person is a contractor or an employee. The totality of the relation is analyzed by the courts looking at each case in order to determine the employment status of a person. A few common factors for the purpose of determining whether a person is an independent contractor or employee are as follows. Degree of control on how the work is to be performed: the work which is performed by an employee is totally under the control and direction of the employer on a regular basis. An independent contractor has a high degree of control over the work done by them. Hours of work: an employee mostly has set hours of work which can have flexible timing. The hours of a casual employee may vary from week to week. On the other hand the contract decides on what hours the work which has been provided to him has to be completed. Risks: An employee has no financial risk during the course of employment as the risks are covered by the employer. On the other hand an independent contractor bears the risk associated with making profits or incurring losses on every task. The liability of poor work is also borne by the contractor along with any injury sustained while doing the task. Therefore the contractors have a personal insurance policy. Superannuation: an employee has the right to receive superannuation which is paid into a nominated fund by the employer. On the other hand contractors pay their own superannuation however they may have the right to superannuation funds in certain cases. Equipments and tools: generally an employee is provide equipments and tools by the employer or else they are given a tool allowance. On the other hand contractors use their own equipments and tools. Alternative arrangements may also be made within the contract or services. Tax: The income taxes off the employees are deducted by their employers whereas the contractors pay their own GST and tax to the ATO. Method of payment: employees are paid regularly such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. On the other hand the contractor has ABN and an invoice is submitted by him when the work is completed or he is paid directly after completion. Leave: an employee is entitled to leaves which are paid such as annual leave and long services leave or right to a loading instead of leave entitlements such as in case of casual employees. However a contractor is not entitled to any paid leaves. In the case of Comcare v PVYW[2013]HCA 41 it had been ruled by the high court that the employers would be liable for injuries which have been sustained by the employees during the course of employment. However such compensation does not extend to sexual encounters faced by employees during work trips. In the case of Hollis v Vabu Pty Ltd [2001] HCA 44 it was held by the high court that a bicycle courier who was paid in accordance to the number of successful deliveries made, but was provided a uniform by the company and was also told when to work and how much money to take and did not have supply to any expensive equipment was based on thecommon law business integration test an employee. Application In this case it has been provided that Vinod is a university student who is a part time worker for Yum Yum pizzas. He has been provided with particular shifts with strict commencements which does not have any specified finishing time. He also has been supplied with a uniform by the pizza company. He is required to wear such uniform at the time of delivering pizzas. He has not been provided with any vehicle by the company for such delivery and uses his own bicycle for the operations. A tool in form of an heat retaining panniers have also been provided by the company to ensures the pizza are hot. He is paid fee according to the deliveries. In the given situation it can been seen that it is not clear that whether he is an independent contractor or an employee as no clear idea can be obtained through his employment term. However as discussed above no single term can be used to determine the employment status and it has to be analyzed in accordance to the overall contract. According to the principles of the Vabo case which has similar situation related to that of Vinod it can be said that the Vinod is an employee of the pizza company as he has also been given a uniform, uses his own equipments, is paid per delivery and is told when to work by the company. According to the principles of the Comcare case Vinod is entitled to compensation from the Yum Yum pizza as he has been injured during the course of employment. Conclusion Vindo is an employee of the company and is entitled to compensation from Yum Yum pizza. Issue 2 Is Penelope entitled to compensation, if so who is liable to pay such compensation Rules It has already been established in the above discussion that Vinod is an employee of Yum Yum Pizzas. According to the principles of vicarious liability an employer is liable for the action of their employees. The commonlaw principles is established in Australia if two elements are provides. Firstly, there must be a relationship between the wrongdoer and the person to be held vicariously liable. The person must have a degree of control over the working of the wrongdoer. The wrongful action must have been committed in the course of employment. The fact that such act was not authorized by the employer does not have any effect on his position to be held liable for the actions of the employee as provided by the case of Pioneer Mortgage Services Pty Ltd v Columbus Capital Pty Ltd [2016] FCAFC 78. In this case both the employee and the employer are jointly and severally liable. However in Australia the employee may not have any right to recover the loss from the employee for negligence. The concept of negligence arises when a person has a duty of care towards another. It was first provided in Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 AC 522. The duty has to be breached and harm has to be suffered by the other person because of such breach in duty. Any harm which is caused due to the negligent act has to be compensated by the wrong doer. However there is a specific defense which a wrongdoer may use in case of a claim for negligence. The defense is known as contributory negligence. Whether a person has made a contribution towards his injury or not is assessed using the same principles which are used for analyzing a negligent activity. In case of contributory negligence the partial or whole claim for negligence can be defeated. The concept had been used in the case of Podrebersek v Australian Iron and Steel [1985] HCA 34. Whether a duty of care is there or not is seen through the application of the neighbors principle provided by the Donoghue v Stevenson case. Whether the duty has been violated is seen by making a reasonable person in same situation and comparing the original action to his actions. The harm is caused by the breach is analyzed by the but for test which means that whether the injury would have happened if there was no negligence. Application In this case it has been already established that Vinod is an employee of the pizza company. As per the principles of vicarious liability if it is established that vindo has been negligent towards Penelope than the pizza company would be held liable to pay compensation to Penelope. This is because the act was done during the course of employment as Vinod was going to deliver a pizza. Even if he had collected alcohol during in between his shift the accident took place when he was actually going to deliver a pizza. In addition it has been discussed above that even if authority is provided by the employer he can be liable for the actions of his employees during the course of employment. Thus Yum Yum Pizza would be liable if it is established that Vinod was negligent towards Penelope. Coming to the accident it has been provided clearly that Vindo was paddling in excess of the speed limits as he was getting late. According to the neighbor principles he has duty of care to any pedestrian as his negligence could have caused them harm. A reasonable person would have not been paddling in excess of the speed limit. In addition if he would have paddled in a normal way he could have avoided the accident. The injury to Penelope would not have been caused if there was no negligence. Thus a claim for negligence is established. However, as discussed above contributory negligence can be used as a defense by a wrongdoer. In this case thus it would be analyzed that whether Penelope was himself negligent towards the injury or not. It is provided in the scenario that Penelope was intoxicated and knowingly played chicken with the traffic. A reasonable person in the same situation would not have done so. If this was not the case injury would have been avoided easily. Thus he is contributory negligent and the claim for compensation would be reduced or defeated as decided by the court Conclusion Penelope can claim compensation from Yum Yum Pizza but is likely to have the compensation proportionate according to the principles of contributory negligence. References Comcare v PVYW[2013]HCA 41 Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 AC 522 Fair Work Act 2009 Hollis v Vabu Pty Ltd [2001] HCA 44 Pioneer Mortgage Services Pty Ltd v Columbus Capital Pty Ltd [2016] FCAFC 78 Podrebersek v Australian Iron and Steel [1985] HCA 34 The Independent Contractors Act 2006